Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rice pudding mishaps and jewelery

What a busy week! Haven't kept up the blogging every day, really - who was I kidding?
Anyway here's a wrap up of the last week or so:

In the most hilarious moment of the week, Sandy was making a rice pudding - finishing it off with a delicious sprinkle of 'nutmeg' before realizing the 'nutmeg' was actually curry powder. I laughed until tears ran down my face as Sandy tried desperately to remove the curry powder and salvage his dessert. A good reason to label the jars that look pretty much the same with ingredients that, again, look very similar.

I decided last week to pull my finger out and actually make this necklace I had been thinking about for ages. So I dragged the parents and Sandy off to the Islington antique market to forage for some bits and pieces, all purchased for a tenner by the by. I sourced my chain from a bead supply store in Covent Garden and then set about trying to figure out how I wanted to pull it all together. I ended up as 3 necklaces instead of one but to be honest, I'm a bit chuffed about how they turned out. Can't wait to give them an outing.

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