Sunday, September 21, 2008

A sneaky snap

Another fashion spot in London on Saturday, this guy was in a band that was playing at the London Fields Broadway markets. He looks like an extra out of My Fair Lady - love it.

A sad day and a recap

So my bike got nicked. That's the bad news - poor little commuter, probably flogged by some council flat dwelling, chav scum. All that was left in the Brick Lane side street we parked in was a sad, snipped bike lock in a gutter. Yes, that's right, I typed 'we' which means Sandy's bike got taken too. Bastards.

On a happier note, Sandy and I went on our driving tour of the emerald isle the other week and it was delightful, apart from insistent phone calls from the office in London, we had a lovely drunken, relaxing holiday. Some proof...