Monday, August 28, 2006


Additionally as a promotion for my gorgeous boyfriend, I wanted to show a pic of his light that he's entering in the Fringe Furniture Show and a picture of the piles of re-usable waste that it was made out of. Isn't he clever!?


Hi all,

Had a lovely weekend wandering the city taking photos with Sand, also looking after his 10 month old nephew who is becoming a little boy as we watch.
Here are some pics I took over the weekend, of pretty little nooks and details around Fitzroy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Bangles

Just wanted to share pics of bangles that the very talented Pennie (sister of my very gorgeous boyfriend) made for her textiles project. Aren't they beautiful? Have been wearing with much pride pretty much every day since I guilted her into giving them to me.

All other things are going well, Barry is being very helpful, taking me to and from work, the computer at home is insanely fun, am currently cutting a doco a friend and I are making about a local independant gallery starting up, so hopefully will have a link to a trailer or maybe even the whole thing pretty soon!

Photos from my colour weekend still pending.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Last minute self portrait

Hi again,

a flurry of photos this afternoon, here is my last minute self portrait for this week, my very first one in fact.


The car is now in my possesion. As the car is a Barina we have settled on Barry as a name and I love him, he is fuel efficient (a good thing in these ecologically unsound times.) and am looking at LPG conversion to further ease my concience.

However I am pleased with purchase so here's a pic of me being silly with Barry.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Black Lung

Am suffering at the hands of a very nasty cold, not nasty enough for a sick day but nasty enough to make me feel like crap.

Sadly the scooter dream is over, long story but will now be driving a Beep-Beep-Barina from this afternoon!!!! Very excited and is probably for the best, didn't fancy having an accident when the only thing between me and the road is a leather jacket.

In other exciting news I have inherited a G4 from my work which was not being used, and along with the very fancy HD Sony Camera I also got from work last week, the spare room in our house is now a veritable edit suite. The doco I started a few months ago can now be finished at home instead of furtively after hours at work, much more civilised.

All in all I am excited and positive about things, it's getting warmer and sunnier and although logically I am mad at myself for being so happy at the aquisition of material things..... I really like them and it makes my life that little bit more fun. Also am excited at the prospect of doing video projects outside of work and unleashing the creativity. hurrah.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

photo weekender

Hi all,

Spent last weekend trawling the Melbourne "Saturday in Design" show, which consists of traveling to lots of showrooms throughout the city, ogling beautiful furniture, drinking the free champagne and eating the food, all very swish, with the minor exception to the office furniture place that had 2 people in white shiny suits and ray bans doing some sort of performance art with office dividers - AND they didn't even have any drinks..... just water and fruit - bollocks. But all in all a good day.

Also pinching the idea from the lovely blog by Mati Rose. I went on a colour photo mission on the weekend, colour was crimson red, photos are yet to be developed as I am hopelessly old fashioned and haven't yet made the digital switch. Results if any good will be uploaded next week.

Other than that, have the exciting development of getting a scooter in the next few weeks and will soon be purring around Melbourne with my massive sunglasses and a silk scarf tied jauntliy around my next and it will all be very Roman Holiday. Am studiously ignoring the reality that it will probably be putting through the driving rain and the best accessory will probably be a helmet with windscreen wipers over the visor. Not quite as chic.