Monday, August 25, 2008

Notting Hill fashion

Just got home from a bracing ride back from the Notting Hill carnival. Lots of fun, lots of cops, lots of people and a shit load of chicken carcasses.

I've been inspired over that last few weeks by the numerous street fashion websites over here, so many good pics of painfully cool and beautiful people, favourite is here So I thought I might give it a try and todays Notting Hill carnival was my first attempt.

First up, cool girls, cool headbands and loving the skirt on the girl on the right. Paperbaggery at it's best.

I saw these guys strutting up the street in their cool kid gang and had to get the camera out.

And I include a picture of myself standing beside a mountain of rubbish, not because I think I am some sort of fashionista, but I altered the dress I'm wearing yesterday from being a nanna-tastic mid calf monstrosity to being a mid thigh jewel toned party dress. Bit proud.

And last but not least, the coolest kids I saw all day. Winners.

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