Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book club

In my recent quest to be a) more creative in my spare time b) meet new and interesting people and c) use my brain for more than ingesting the latest episode of Americas Next Top Model - I have joined a local book club. I am excited. We are meeting next month to discuss 'The End of Mr Y' - of course I have already devoured it and am chomping at the bit to discuss it with other people who have read it and I have to wait a whole month.

Herewith - my review.

Ariel Manto is a sexually adventurous (although some may say disturbed) part time university lecturer completing her thesis on thought experiments whilst debating, and failing to resist, her rather nasty affair with an older, married, professor. So far so sordid. But when her mentor disappears amidst rumours of a rare cursed book by Victorian author and spiritualist Thomas Lumas called The End of Mr Y things get infinitely more interesting and complicated.
Of course Ariel happens upon a copy of The End of Mr Y and her taste for self harm and destruction is aroused by the promise of being cursed by the small book. Things get dark and dangerous for Ariel, the book is rare for a reason and there are some sadistic opportunists who are willing to do awful things, to an awful lot of people, to get the book and the magic it contains.
Fantastic journeys of thought and matter, mouse gods, time travel, paradoxes and mind bending space/time geography ensue. And by the end you come back to the beginning (you'll have to read it see what I mean) and I felt as if my brain had been on boot camp. It's a rare book (geddit!?) like this that really makes you think, that makes you push yourself and your understanding of the world and your ideas about reality and perception.

I can't wait for the book club!

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em.s said...

you've made me want to join a book club! nice review. very well written!!!!